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Human Resources

Consumption Özdem Company, training and management system, production, marketing and other all personnel in the department as experienced and highly trained young, have a dynamic structure consisting of a team has been. In the manufacturer of the personnel staff, innovative, participatory and dynamic high-level mission field and colleges and universities with graduate staff are managed.

National employment in Turkey with over 50 staff contribute in a major.

Consumption and sales staff in the mission field Özdem production of all individuals to ensure customer satisfaction is their main target. Commitment of all employees and dry motivasyon'unu to keep in the forefront of Human Resources Targets;

  • All employees potentially exposed to the increased
  • All employees fair pricing, rewarding high-performing staff of other staff providing performance
  • Organization of communication between departments in the provision and development
  • Qualifications and needs to be taken according to the staff
  • All employees of the department of work force increased
  • All departments of the company to focus on common goals
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