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Quality Control

Continuous development and economic growth as consumption Özdem most basic requirement of the importance of quality as a philosophy has been adopted as. Extensive work in this direction by making specialized in. Always employ staff development, performance-productivity growth for the studies only product-packaging-processing system for development, but also from Buy, Sales and Marketing until the human resources management in the area of our organization, at every stage is carried out.

Each incoming raw materials and packaging materials to our facility's input control are performed. First entry is determined by the quality control specifications. Determined in accordance with the quality of incoming raw materials spektleri analysis is done, suitable for use in the production of viewed objects are accepted. The non-standard laboratory tests and quality control unprecedented in the appropriate inputs, the suppliers are to be returned. Analysis of the results of the analysis of raw materials and packaging materials are saved to the computer results are evaluated statistically.

Analysis and control of production of each product, quality planning and analysis are done in accordance with instructions, as designated by the quality control standards will be compared. Make the necessary corrective actions to the product outside Spekt the product being made available, after approval is given to filling. Filling line of products at designated filling weight and other physical controls are made according to quality criteria, to be a problem if the control lines to the beginning of the intervention by the inspector in quality control problems are solved. Automatically in the production of defective production by packaging machine, without entering into the measures are taken can parse.

That have been packaged as the final product of the laboratory analysis is completed and final inspection of shipments are not allowed. Controls and approval of the products supplied goods ready for shipment will be shipped to the tank is stored.

Special Porous Layer: Baby Vidy special formula designed for the absorbent layer and active region data to use thanks to the support layer reinforced absorbent to absorb the fast, quick drying and has a high holding capacity.

Liquid Distributor Layer: absorbent layer located on the exclusive distributor manufactured by your baby to a point where a layer of liquid to the surface of the cloth to spread evenly, while the lower back up to the last liquid that prevents exit.

Barriers Against Liquid: liquid-resistant barrier Vidy Baby'nin go out of liquid by preventing their maximum degree protects your baby's clothes.

Dermatologist Tested: your baby's skin in contact with a special fabric which is produced by dermatologically tested. To protect your baby's sensitive skin silky smooth drying properties has moreover at maximum speed.

According to the Baby Weight: appropriate for the weight of your baby dies and the private sector due to tire size of your baby silky stretch was to remain in comfortable and comfort, while the liquid prevents the leak.

Side Velcro straps: high quality baby diaper Baby Vide peace of mind thanks to the side with velcro straps open and close several times.