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About Us

Since 2004 Diyarbakır organized industrial zone with a closed area of 4.000 m² over 18,500 m² Özdem consumer goods and to think tic ltd sti diapers and wet wipes production. Özdem monthly consumption of 13 million units, diapers, wet towel has a production capacity of 2.6 million package.

Technological infrastructure, support, latest technology plant, continuous control, high production capacity and production of environment friendly approach performs ÖZDEM consumption of this new investment in 'quality-price performance by increasing consumer demand that can respond much better chance of increasing competition and provides advantages.

Özdem consumption dynamic, young company with the industry to compete successfully in advanced technology and investments to increase capacity to work towards a stable and how it works. attaches importance to development and innovation ÖZDEM consumption, contemporary, consumer rights with respect to the employees happy by staying focused on customer satisfaction depends on institutional policies, quality production-sales and human resource investments are continuing.

Sales and Marketing

Our company has a production capacity of 60% to the domestic, 40% is exported to the foreign countries. Özdem Co.Ltd. both abroad and domestically need quickly to reach the final consumer of the day every night, and new distribution channels to reach new regions. Over a wide area with a strong and dynamic nature of the sales and marketing is done.

Economy Policy

Our products are completely hygienic valuable considering the sensitivity of mothers were produced. Moreover, suitable for every budget. Without compromising the quality of the best produced.

Our Mission

Özdem Co.Ltd. As consumer expectations constantly evolving consumption by following the healthiest, highest quality, least harm to the environment that, by using the latest technology products at the best prices and fastest way to introduce undertook the mission.

Our Vision

Özdem Co.Ltd. As our company in the sector of a company into a profitable and sustainable in the region and in the domestic market is to move to the highest level. Thus, the region's economy and contribute to the economy we will have.